Very enjoyable! And this is NOT an insult but a compliment when I say It had a very groovy vibe, like from the movie "Top Gun" - one of my faves!

The guitar tone was very buttery and smooth. About the only way to describe it was that I was almost salivating while listening to it.

The only part that set kinda weird with me was the drastic phrasing change at 2:16. I really liked the changeup, but it seemed to get lost in itself. My only suggestion might've been to take the scale run up to a higher octave, sqeeze some soul out of some higher notes, then come back to the start of the next phrase at about 2:22 or so.

Well done! Feel free to check out my latest and give a crit!

Wow dude, i really liked that, did you make the background music too? Id like to give a shot at soloing to this. I love the tone too, what guitar you using?
good playing, great tone. my only issue was the tambourine in the background never changing at all. it made the rest of the piece seem a bit "ho hum". I kept waiting for some nice drums to kick in and it never came.
You used a shecter for that tone? Nice man, I wouldn't have guessed it.
That ****ing website would've been so damn useful the past 3 years. But, I'll probably still find some uses for it, writing in Notion takes a while.