So today I got a "new" Dimarzio PAF pro. I open the box to find that the packaging looks like this:

(This is after I took the pickup out.) lol

Then I take it out and turn it upside down. There was a hex wrench magnetically stuck to the bottom, which I pulled off. The bottom has significant oxidation.

I'm not sure if it is normal to receive used pickups when buying from MusiciansFriend but this is clearly not new. Should I return?
could be old stock.

Return it if you don't feel comfortable.

I'd return it.
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Thanks, I think I'll put it in first and see how it goes. The sticker says there is a 30 day exchange policy if I don't like it.
Well it says "If you are not happy with the sound of this pickup, please call Dimarzio within 30 days of purchase for our exchange policy . . . " I assume I can exchange it for another product if I'm not satisfied.
It'll still work fine. If the bobbins look clean then I'd just wipe the base clean and install as normal.

Returning it seems like an unnecessary hassle.
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I also just got a couple of Dimarzio pups for christmas. I got a super distortion for the bridge and a PAF Pro for the neck. When I opened them each had the allen wrench on the back. This may be for adjusting the pole pieces. Mine did not have any rust or oxidation though. I would have been a little nervous if there had been to be honest. You might want to switch that one out.