Hi all,

I recently bought a bass guitar from a friend for about $60,00. It's a (black) 4-string active "Bass Collection" SGC Nanyo SB-100, and the serial is 000008. I'd like to get some more info on it, but it seems internet is completely void of info about this instrument. Can anyone give me some details on things like manufacturing date, country and productline? Original retail price would be nice too..

Here's a pic:

Thanks for reading!
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I used to have a 5 string one and really hated it, serial number was 000002, they seem to have ridiculously low serial numbers. As far as I'm aware the low serial number ones Chinese made. Here is some info on the Japanese ones (although it's not much help as they are pretty much different basses. The Chinese ones are basically the equivalent of a Squier version of the Japanese ones.)
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Yeah I hate mine too, that's what I love about it. It's good enough for some basic home recording tho.. Thanks for the reply!