So I just recieved a new Big Muff Pi for Christmas today, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. My problem with it is, when I turn it on it's fine and everything, and I can tell it works since say if I were to do something like lightly slide my finger up/down the neck you can hear the fuzz, but then when I go to actually play a note, it plays as if the pedal is off, as normal, without the effect. I tried everything: Messed around with the knobs, checked to see if everything was plugged in properly, changed the battery, I even opened it up to take a look, and the wires look fine, so what's wrong with it? Please help.

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try putting in a new battery. sometimes the batteries that come with pedals are absolute garbage and dont work right. if that doesnt work, return it, and try a new one in the store.
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