I have a Spector Q5, and I wanted to switch out the pickups from EMGhz's to Bartonili
72M45C, which is dual coil. I'm looking for a tone similar to a jazz bass, do any of you all know if this is a good choice? or if there's a better choice?
Well, the standard jazz bass uses single coils, if that helps.

scroll down and check out the Big Singles.

if I'm not mistaken, the bartolinis are 1.5 x 4"

the nordstrands are 1.25x4.25"

but ask around, and check out some of the videos on youtube when you search nordstrand big singles. the slight mod might be worth it for you.

damn nice pickups in my opinion, my fender will be getting a pair ASAP
Thanks for the info, the nordstrand pickups seem to be a good deal.
So you're saying there is a way to change the spacing from 1.25x4.25 to 1.5x4?
I'm assuming some sort of wood cover? I'm actually really interested in these.