The neck makes little to no sound, as if I turned the volume knob to nearly 0. I'm not surprised or anything, because I know that Epiphones don't have the greatest wiring ever, but I'm wondering what the problem is, and how much it'll cost to fix.
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It could be a few different things...incorrect wiring, bad wiring, disconnected wires, bad pickup, bad pot, bad switch. All those problems are probably gonna be around 40 - 60 dollars to fix, unless it's a bad pickup, in which case it will be more because you'll need to cover the cost of the pickup as well.

Good luck!

Note: If you know anyone with a little electronic know-how, you might be able to pop it open and look for a disconnected wire and resolder it yourself. Easy fix.
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Check the switch. Epiphone switches are notoriously crappy. Sometimes I have to jiggle mine a bit to get the right volume level. otherwise, it's a pot. Still not too difficult to replace.
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