Ok so ive been hearing alot of things about tube screamers.
So apparantly TS808 is the best? Or?
Also is the ts9 much different from TS7?

Someone advice which one to get. Using to play metal through peavey 6505. Cheers.

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If you're looking for straight tube screamer clones for boosting, I'd recommend the Maxon OD9. It's based on the Ibanez TS9 pedal. The TS808 is a great pedal as well but I like it's application better as a standalone overdrive/distortion unit in conjunction with another overdrive.

I also happen to like the Xoctic RC Booster and Keeley Katana Boost.
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Check out the OCD pedal.
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The TS808 is fatter, more mids, more gain and brighter than a TS9. Like Hatebreeder says, I also think it works better than something like a TS9 as a standalone overdrive. The TS9 itself is more transparent, and can be used better as a boost, but in the end, it still adds a bit of a mid hump, which can cuase your tone to become somewhat annoyingly nasally sounding through certain amps. I find the TS7 to be closer tot he 808 in sound than TS9. I have owned all three and have sold all except the TS7 which I kept as a modding platform.

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Check out the OCD pedal.

Which sounds nothing like a TS.
all of those are variations on the same circuit using slightly different parts. better is in the ear of the beholder. old TSers tended to be very inconsistent in sound with some being "better: thn others sound wise. the new ones tend to pretty much sound the same. the biggest difference now is the quality of the parts used to make the different models.

as for using them for metal well as a lead boost they work great but if your amp isn't giving you a good basic metal sound then you might not get what you wantout of the pedal.