w00t got a new guitar. but i over tuned the G string and im not sure how to untune it with the locking tuners? anyone familiar?

it came with a couple of those turning toolz.. and a spring.... whats the spring for pics2come
You have to unlock the strings up by the nut with an alan wrench, then use the tuners as normal. I'm assuming you have a floyd rose style bridge. And the springs are for counteracting the tension creating by the strings, allowing your bridge to "float".
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to down tune with the locking tuners, turn the knob to the corrosponding string left.

the string is for the trem system. if you use heavier strings, you'll need more tension on the trem to keep it balanced.

i think if you didn't know how to use everything for a tremmed guitar, you shouldn't have bought one.
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look up how trem systems work and you should get a better idea
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