I tryed to find one but no one tabs aviable i think,
if you don't know of what i am talking about check the mp3 of the official site :

tanks to any help^^
i hope anybody have find one anywhere^^
Hello. I'm glad you found my tab. Maybe you don't see it because of the "saishuu-saisyu" thing. I am currently trying to do tabs of this artist but is obviously very hard. You could tell me what theme you are interested and maybe I could do something. By the way, there is another tab but UG give me a lot trouble to submit a did not get upload under s.s.h. name


Is the remix of Dr. Wily theme but i think that is not in http://www.ssh.ne.jp/ neither, however is in youtube. I submit a third tab of s.s.h. the 24 of december but still is in "waiting" i hope that be available soon.
escuse me MegaMonsterMama i don't visit there for a while,
yes others interested me, if you make others,
the dr willy one interst me and the the holy order too, tanks , even others interst me if it's a s.s.h one,
i like for resource s.s.h have got very unique way to do guitar rythm :P and eventually for is solo
well per say, the two ones i am looking the most is : Huge Table ver-2 from the iris no atelier arrange soundtrack,
and Septet for a dying princess Touhou arrange.
i am looking to get a way to got sound merely like him also but that's hard to :P,
well tanks for all, i am already so happy to found your sequencing stuff there.
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