My band has started gigging quite a fair bit now, so i was hoping to start getting a rack together.
So i was thinking a korg rack tuner haha. But what else is useful in rack? I dont know much about this kinda stuff haha.
I use a 6505 and play metal.
Cheers, David.

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A noise gate, compressor, parametric and/or graphic equalizers would be what I would want for the rig. That way, you can control the noise and tweak your sound to your liking beyond switching preamps and poweramps. You could also look into multi-fx rack systems such as the TC Electronics G-Major 2 or G-Force to cover all your modulation and time based effects.

I'm creaming my pants for you already dude.
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For metal?
-- Power conditioner, tuner, noise reducer/ eliminator, multi-effects processor, floor controller, rack case, a few feet of cables.

However, if you don't really know what you want in your rack, you probably shouldn't be going that route (especially if you just started gigging). You could just get a tuner and an ISP Decimator and call it a day. Rackmount stuff can get expensive and complicated in a hurry and really isn't intended for kids playing small shows.
Power supply, tuner, rack drawer.

Then you can start buying PA gear...power amps for that, mixer, mic preamps.

Of course enjoy you gigging now because once you get all this shit you'll have to move it all every time. Also your singer will usually be conveniently tied up when it comes time to load and unload gear.

Then usually after you have everything you need someone will quit the band.