So it's christmas morning and I've got an Eventide H3000 D/SX Ultra Harmonizer that my brother in law aquired for me. I usually try to keep my setup pretty simple so I don't actually have any multi effects processors or rack units so I find myself just kind of sitting and looking at it. It's all hooked up and I've even sort of messed with it a little thus far so I pose the questions to the knowing minds on UG... what do I do with this thing?
Jesus Christ! Sweet piece, bro!

Go to the Eventide for forums or Huge Racks Inc and ask. Even I have never actually used an H3000.
Haha thanks, actually he got it because one of the places he works was closing a location and they had like three of them and the let him take one. Doesn't have a midi controller or anything. He has a manual for it but he didn't have time to make a copy of it for me so he said he's going to send me a pdf of it. Seems really cool so far though. I'm really excited to start figuring out how to use this thing.