Hey, I'm looking into buying a dynamic mic (sm57 or e609) for home recording of my guitar playing.

I know Shure has a package for the sm57 that includes a device that connects the mic to the computer via the device's USB port.

Shown here.

I was wondering, though, since Sannheiser doesn't seem to offer anything like that, what would be the easiest way to record from the mic to my computer recording software while still preserving all of the quality?

Thanks alot!
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You would need a preamp of some sort for your mic. M.I. Audio and plenty of companies make them. Look around and see which ones suit your need.
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Before you buy a SM57, I'd check this out;


I use one of their mic's in lieu of a '57 and it A/B's to be nearly identical (the only perceptible difference being slightly less bass response).

As for recording, I use that mic into a Peavey USB Mixer, but I'm looking to pick up a preamp as well. That's the route I would go (as long as you only need to record one channel at a time).
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