Hi !
I saved some money and now I have enough to buy these 3 multieffect processors and now I want to ask you .. "the big guys" what should I buy :? I want to play light rock and blues and some times punk. I play 97 Mexican Fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora signature model. Which of these is the best :?

Merry Christmas !
I'd say get a good OD and a delay pedal. I own the ME-50 which i think is the best out of those three (not sure though) and my individual pedals do their job way better.

EDIT: Also, before someone else asks, what's your amp?


It's stagg 10 watt. That's why I am looking for a processor ...'cause I play in a band and when we have concerts I can't use two stompboxes ..the sound will be awful. That's why I want a processor and the digitech has a preamp build in and I think that this is the best choice but I want your opinion.