Hey I just got the Tascam 1641 for Christmas and I was messing around and I was wondering how do I split the individual channels on the 1641 into individual channels in REAPER. I've tried and can't figure it out, but then again I;ve never used REAPER before and I do not want to use the Cubase LE4 because I have not heard good things about it. Any help would be appreciated, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas xD
Cubase is fine and miles above Reaper. You can walk into some studio and find them using Cubase. I doubt you'll find many using Reaper. I've never used Reaper though, so I can't answer your question.

In Cubase/Nuendo however, you would make sure your VST-Connections window showed all the inputs as active, then you add a channel, a mono channel gets one input, a stereo track gets two inputs per channel. Once you have a channel added, you can select the input # you want to be assigned to that channel.
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but like the tracks 1-8 for exaple the mic imputs how do you set them as different tracks on cubase then? id be fine with useing it if I could figure out how to
Yes. And I think I would rather use Reaper and I want to record all the mic imputs into different channels in the DAW if this is possible
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Cubase is fine and miles above Reaper. I've never used Reaper

You know what, I'm not even going to say anything like I usually would, just let this speak for itself.

OP, I'm not 100% on this because I've not upgraded fully to my 8 channel setup yet, but right click on the monitoring button for each channel, go to mono input and select the send for that channel.

Make sure your ASIO is set up properly as well in the audio device settings, so that it takes in the 8 channels.
go to preferences, audio device, choose ASIO in audio system and enable imputs first: mic in 1, and last: dicital in right(16th channel)

does anyone know how to make the sound come out of the somputer out while using the ASIO drivers of the tascam in reaper while recording with it? because i have a pair of wireless headphones and they hook up to the headphone jack not a 1/4 inch like is on the 1641