I am a electric guitar player for almost 10 years, but want to get a acoustic to own and play now, so.........

I was in guitarcenter the other day and saw and played a Dean 12 string electric/acoustic, I loved it when I played it and heard it.

The salesmen said it was a good 12 string for the money.

He then told me that in a few years though it would probably be no good since all the tention on the neck will warp it and the bridge, and then I would have to get a new one.

He then went on to tell me that I could detune it and losen all the strings limp so it would not have constant stress on the neck all the time, and that since I would have to tune it all the time anyway since they go out of tune after a few minutes to a hour of heavy playing, it shouldnt be that much more of a hastle to detune it evertime I get done with it. to help extend the life of it.

He then told me since I am not a professional musician and working it, that it would be a cheaper solutuion in the long run just to buy a good six string or use my electrics ( I have 4) and get a POG 2 or a octaver to mimic the sound of a 12 string with one with my six string. So I told him I would ask around and come back.

Which do you think would be better, a 12 string or a six string and a octaver?

Also I have a Spider iii 150, and a small Fender amp and alot of effect pedals, could I play a 12 sting though that and have a good sound or do I need a acoustic amp, I don't remember what amp I was playing though there.

I love the sound of that 12 string and would get alot of enjoyment out of it im sure, but....Are they to much of a hastle?