Well here's the story:
I went to guitar center a few times over two weeks and tried out all the different Martin's in my price range ($500) and i came away loving the OOX1 Java Mahogany (http://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/choosing/guitars.php?p=z&g=b&m=00X1%20Java%20Mahogany) over several more expensive models and all the acoustic electrics. Now my parents, decide
Hey lets be nice and surprise him and get a better guitar!
So they purchased a $1000 Martin rather than the $499 one i actually liked. The $1000 is an acoustic electric and acoustic wise, sounds like crap.

What i want is a very "Martin" sound, with that beautiful upper end and mid. Doesnt need to be flashy and tbh i dont really care about electronics, since they seem to raise the price and result in a not so nice acoustic sound anyway. I need 14 frets clear and prefer Auditorium rather than Dread

TL;dr: parents "upgraded" me to a pos by accident, need advice on good martin in $800-1000 range, made in america, only acoustic as i want best bang for buck.

overall i have the $900 something from returning that guitar tomorrow, and $300 in GC gift cards and another $ 100 in amex and visa.
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