I'm surprised there's not 1500 new guitar day posts already. Anyway, I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. An ESP LTD EC-200QM and Roland Cube 30X . Go me! Question....The plastic stuff on the pickups (it's kinda like the stuff you pull off of displays that come on most new electronics)....do I take that off or leave it on?
Put this thread in the New Holiday Gear thread at the very top.

HNGD though. You also might want to post pics.
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there is not 1500 ngd threads because the holiday guitar thread was created to prevent that, any way to answere ur question, i would say take it off
you take off the things covering the tops of the pups.
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well, the plastic is just there to keep the pickups looking new before it's bought so there won't be marks or damage, but once you get it, take it off. it'll eventually look like crap after a while.
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Thanks for the advice on taking the plastic off and sorry for not realizing about the other thread, I will post my new gear and pictures there. Thank you.