Hey everybody, so I got $300 for Christmas, and now i have about $540 USD. So, tomorrow im going to head down to my local GC and look at guitars. BUT i also have a problem with my amp (peavey vypyr 15). Ive been playing for almost 2 and a half years and i have an epi LP special II and peavey vypyr 15. I really want a new guitar but it really bugs me that I have to screw with my amp to change channels because the 15 watt doesnt have a footswitch jack. Also i don't really use the built in effects on the vypyr anyway, because i bought the amp like a year and a half ago when they first came out, thinking it would be cool and not thinking into the future (i was a noob). I also have an old Marshall MG10CD sitting down in my basement, which i dont use at all.

So here are my questions:
1. What to do about my amp? Should i try and sell my two to GC and see if i can scrap around a hundred bucks to get like a Fender Frontman 65R or something similiar?

2. What guitar should I get? Obviously i'm going to go to guitar center and test some out, but any recommendations? I play post-hardcore, some pop-punk, classic rock, and some metal. So basically something really versatile, preferrably NOT an LP because I already have one of that body shape.