Hey UG,

i was thinking about buying an epiphone hummingbird acoustic guitar

does anyone have some experience with this guitar?
Or some other recommendations in the price range of 200-450$?

Thanks in advance!!!
Drum drum drum away!
Don't do it there are far better guitars for the money. Check put Seagull, Takamine and Yamaha.
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
i totally agree with dakotajoe. i've played several epiphone doves, and the only thing they have in common with the gibson version is their look. they sound fairly meh, and the ones i played had either high frets or sharp fret edges in stores where none of the guitars were dry.

i'd recommend you check out any seagulls in your price range including the seagull s6 (original or slim), any yamaha in the 700 series from the fg700s on up and the blueridge br-40 or br-43. which have a little more bass. i'm not as big a fan of the lower priced taks, but they're still better quality than the epis and worth checking out.
I have one and would strongly recommend it. Sounds great, in my opinion, and... well, just look at it. Especially in natural like mine.

my dad owns this guitar. it's a really nice guitar IMO
but there are better for the price.

check out Oscar Schmidt acoustics