What do you take with you to gigs to prevent disaster?
here's what I take:

-Cable (in case the wireless craps out)
-Picks (lots of 'em)
-An extra set of strings
-Guitar Guizmo (multi tool)
-My Zen of Screaming vocal warm up CD
-Backup Guitar (ALWAYS)
-Backup head (you never know!)
-9v battery (for the wireless)
-2 AA batteries (active pickups)

I keep all of this in a .50 cal ammo box lined with foam padding.

Your turn!

btw, YES my guitar runs on AA batteries, what of it?
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I have a duffle bag I always take...

has glow tape, flash light, picks, instrument cables, patch cables, speaker cables, extension cords, strings, tools, etc. in it. Usually a couple beers and a pack of smokes too.

I always carry a backup head...usually a crate power block. I have a different guitar for every tuning so I don't really need a backup guitar Everything else (wireless transmitter, picks, etc.) are in my rack drawer.

EDIT: V that works too V
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I usually keep a shotgun, some shotgun shells, and "A Guide to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse." You never know what will happen at a gig.

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A big extension cord. Like a 10/3 at least 25' long. I've used that more than any of my emergency supplies.