Alright folks Ski Season is here.
This is the place to share your favourite songs to fly down mountains to.

Mine are ( and have always been ):

Show me how to live - Audioslave
Alive And Amplified - The mooney Suzukis
Kickstart my Heart- Motley Crue
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Black Betty- Cover by Spiderbait

Any songs that just get you pumped for Boarding?
Lemme know
Evil Eye - Fu Manchu!!!!!!!!

also, Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
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Totally agree with Show Me How To Live.
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Heart it Races - Dr. Dog, it's super fun to ride to.
all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way
The Final Countdown- Europe
I've seen it on so many skiing videos on youtube, that now I automatically associate it with skiing.
So come on in
it ain't no sin
take off your skin
and dance around in your bones