I'm looking to get swap out all of the pickups currently in my MIM stratocaster.

Here's the specifics:

Neck/Mid - currently the stock pickups
- I'm looking to replace these with similar pickups with that 'strat' feel. These must be single-coils and be able to handle the typical blues, jazz, country, pop etc.

Bridge - currently a duncan perfomer single coil-sized humbucker
- This I'd like to replace with something that is very high output. With the proper amp, these need to be able to handle anywhere from AC/DC type rock to the most distorted metal I feel like playing. It would also be a plus if the pickup cleaned up with the volume knob (I'm currently using a Blues Junior and it'd be nice if all the pickups had a clean tone through that amp).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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My budget's about $300 US. The bridge pickup concerns me the most however. I'd be willing to spend most of the budget there and neglect the other pickups for awhile.
If this wasn't already clear, I'd also prefer the bridge pickup to be a single-coil sized humbucker.
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Ok, so what pickup would you suggest? I'm looking into the super distortion but I'd like to have other options to compare and contrast?

Speaking of which, does anyone know from experience any pros/cons with the dimarzio super distortion?
What about the Evolution? It seems like it has plenty of output, but I keep reading that it doesn't do well with chords and picks up a lot of the nuances in your playing.
Thanks man, I'm really liking the clips. I'll see if my guitar center has any guitars outfitted with Breeds and give them a test run.