okay so me and my friends have been fixing up this squier strat. We have all new electronics and tuners and everything. basically, at this point, all we need is a new bridge and pickups. We can handle the bridge, but if you have any good ideas for cheap ones that would be sweet. But, the main reason im here is because im not sure what pickups i want for it. We have a budget of around $150, and we looked into these lace sensor things or whatever they are, they look pretty kool. but idk, what are good single coils for a rockin strat sound? Oh, and we dont want stock fender pickups due to us wanting a unique sound from a strat.

tldr --> looking for good single coil pickups, any ideas for around $150?
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For cheap but good pickups, tonerider seem to have some decent pickups
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GFS adjusted right sound great. Look into them at guitarfetish
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