So I installed the SD Triple Shot mounting rings with my existing Dimarzio super distortions and after hooking it all up, the bridge pup doesnt work. Thinking it might be wiring, I checked all connections again but everything's fine. I even switched the wiring and put the working neck pup with the bridge volume knob and it works fine.

Its not the triple shot either because i disconnected it and tried hooking up the pup the way it was, and nada. No sound at all.

Could the pickup have just fried somehow and now its dead? I really have no idea what's causing this.

definatly the wiring or the switch, pickups don`t die as it`s just a magnet with copper wire wrapped round it, although you could have a break in the winding this is highly unlikely.
yeah thats what i though too. I think its actually the volume knob because when i move the hot lead it works sometimes. im gonna try replacing it and see how that goes