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^ this is my band; we're grungey alternative rock influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Incubus, and 10 Years.
so check us out! tell me what you think. and if you like us, add us on myspace & facebook, or follow us on twitter!
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hey guys, we're getting a female vocalist! her first practice is next weekend, and we'll be sure to upload some songs with her sooon. We're working on recording an EP right now. please add us!
Grunge? You have my interest. Cool about getting a female singer! We have one in our grungey band. I shall check out your myspace and videos.
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thanks man haha the recording videos are pretty old, and that was back when i was singing, so ye be warned (my vocals = badd). But we're just screwing around in the videos and recording and whatnot
Vocals are a very person thing. I wouldn't worry about your vocals they sound fine to me, infact I prefer them to most of the over produced sickly sweet perfect pictch vocals we get in music now days. They have a loverly raw grungey sound
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
we have a new song up, guys! its called Cookies n' Cream. we've been playing it for awhile, but finally got around to getting a decent recording of it. There are no vocals, we're still looking for a vocalist.

anyways, go check it out and tell us what you think!
we also have a new layout
comments on the new song are appreciated, and if you comment, we'll comment back on your band as soon as I get on a working computer
THe new song sounds great and it should sound really awesome when you get a singer. Loving the new layout btw.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
thanks haha the octopus has always kinda been our thing :P

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Would liek to hear cookies n cream with vocals.

yeah, we have the lyrics and vocal parts written, its just finding someone right now.

ill def keep you guys updated once we find a vocalist (and throw his or her vocals on Cookies n' Cream) and whenever we put up more recordings
and if anyone has a facebook, you can add us on there too! i don't know the exact web address, but just go to facebook and search "Sleepsoil", you should be able to find us
hey guys! i know i just posted something about a new layout, but we just edited it and now we're on the "new myspace layout". go check it out!
thanks I appreciate the positive comments
and I see your band added my band, and I will listen to your guys' stuff as soon as I get the chance!
we've got a new acoustic demo with our new vocalist that we might post to myspace and purevolume soon! and we're also taking promo photos tomorrow morning, exciting stuff. I'll keep you guys updated.
new acoustic track "Featherweight Lies" (with our NEW VOCALIST!) up on myspace, facebook, and purevolume!
check one of the links in my sig; you won't regret it!
"featherweight lies" wasn't too bad, shows your singer should be good with your music. I really like the riffs of "Cookies and Cream". Really good energy and vibe, got me rocking out! I love it when bands get a simple crunchy riff backed well by the drums and rhythm.

I'll add my band as friend, if you wouldn't mind checking us out. Or you can just go straight here:
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thanks for the feedback man, I'll check out your band as soon as I get on a computer with working sound!

(and we're putting vocals on Cookies n' Cream soon!)
JDizzle787, i gave your band a listen, liked what i heard, and commented on your guys' UG thread

p_a_morgan, went to your band's site and enjoyed it (great recording quality btw), not usually what i listen to, but i enjoyed it. Our bassist's dad lives in Jacksonville, so maybe we'll shimmy on over to your show @ the Freebird

Windwaker, I had checked out your band before, but i think i forgot to comment :P but i reallly really like your band! i commented on your UG thread, and I'll be hoping for updates!
hey everyone, we have our ReverbNation site up and running! go check it out if you'd like!

we also have new promo pics up on myspace, and fb

also, sometime in the next few weeks "Featherweight Lies" (the real, non-acoustic version) will be completed and uploaded so you may all revel in it's glory. :P
Good day chaps, Matt here from Renbot. Cheers for keeping me updated, I'm gonna have a listen to the new stuff now and let you know what I think.

First of all, good job on the MySpace, looks nice and swish!

Listening to the track now. I like how the acoustic elements are still there in the track, and it's not gone straight from an acoustic to a hard rock track. It can be quite hard to judge a song when the recording quality isn't fantastic, but I can tell there's quite a lot of potential. There are interesting dynamics, which are sadly lost in the production, but they are there none the less. The more I hear the pre-chorus the more I like it. Builds nicely and blossoms. I like the breakdown too, I can definilty hear the effect you were trying to achieve.

I think the only thing that's holding these tracks back is recording quality; which is obviously always an issue if you can't afford to get into a studio. Having said that, the song sounds promising, so the songwriting is there. Keep it up, let me know when you've got more stuff up.

- Matt

Thanks, Matt. You pretty much summed up our problems. Great feedback!
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That was, um... really, really funny. I lolstack you now.

thanks Mathamology! we might be doing some studio work @ our local music store soon, so hopefully we get some better quality there.
We're currently working on a bit of new stuff, and we have a show @ Atlantic Sounds Jan 8th w/ the Sex Monkeys, Kinky Catawampus, and the Transfers. If anyone lives close by or is in town:
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thanks Mathamology! we might be doing some studio work @ our local music store soon, so hopefully we get some better quality there.
We're currently working on a bit of new stuff, and we have a show @ Atlantic Sounds Jan 8th w/ the Sex Monkeys, Kinky Catawampus, and the Transfers. If anyone lives close by or is in town:

WE'RE HEADLINING! and Radon Moon from Edgewater, FL is also playing with us!
so, Saturday night we had a show canceled on us. Every other band (except one of them) canceled the day before and we found out the morning of. Also, the one band that didn't cancel kind of thought it was our fault until we explained it to them. The guy at the venue wouldn't let us and the other band play, otherwise we would have, just us 2.

anyways, its getting re-scheduled for sometime in february and we've also got like 3 other shows coming up in february! Its exciting that the shows are finally rollin' in!
Love it! Have check out your myspace pages + vids... love the raw feel to your band, and the female addition... something different!

I'd rate it 5 stars, but I don't know how! Tell me please!

And please can you check out my online band?
hey man, really appreciate the positive remarks!!! haha me and Sam did vocals in the myspace video; we don't anymore! :P and sorry, we never got a female vocalist, but we DID find a new singer and he is on the song Featherweight Lies (and the acoustic version as well)!

idk if theres a way you can rate the song :/ but thanks for the thought
and yeah, ill definitely check out your band!

thanks again, ill comment on your band's UG page
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