im kind of bored of being at home >_<

and i don't know what is open on Christmas walmart,target,malls even burger places i seen are closed

anybody know what places are open on christmas? is probably a question that has been asked before but the searchbar always gives me the most irrevelant stuff
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Movie Theaters and Chinese Restaurants
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Denny's! (1)

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More than half the population of my city is asian, so there's probably actually a lot of places open here
My hotel is open and im working in it right now. ><"
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7-11 is always open, no matter what.
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Waffle House.
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You're welcome.

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Waffle House.

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where do snails get their shells, anyway?
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They make them while they grow. They secrete the substance, I believe.
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tee hee i changed the shit out of my color scheme
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Blockbuster. Just went down there.
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how about the way your entire country generalizes a culture by the actions of a few, citing any Americans idea of a middle eastern person.
christmas? thats 365 days away
this is boxing day
HAPPY BOXING DAY GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOLjk guise, im not real.

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More than half the population of my city is asian, so there's probably actually a lot of places open here

Same! -hi five-

Go get some delicious Asian food, TS, like...chicken feet!