hey guys, i just got an acoustic bass but i really don't like these gold colored strings that are on it. i'm thinking about changing out the strings cuz they look like they could use it anyway but idk what kind of strings i should be getting. recommendations?

merry christmas! btw

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hmm, if its acoustic electric, i think you can replace the strings with normal electric strings, but the gold ones on there are likely to be bronze, which are meant to be on an acoustic. if you replace them with steels/nickels, its an acoustic bass, so i think the sound will suffer, though i've never tried it,
If you really want to punch up the tone on an acoustic bass guitar, put a set of flatwounds on it. You'll be surprised at the difference in tone and playability. I don't like flats on an electric bass - not even my fretless - but for whatever reason they do seem to work well on acoustics.
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LaBella 760N - Black Nylon Tape Wounds.
$19.00 from the Carvin site.

Good call. A lot of people don't know that Carvin's bass strings are made by LaBella and that they sell them a lot cheaper than many other brands.