So I just got the danelectro black coffee metal pedal and it puts out a load of feedback. I found the tone I want but it puts out way to much feedback on that tone. I have found other tones on it that don't put out as much feedback but they're not bassy enough for me.
To help with ideas about lowering feedback, I am using a Marshall MG and a Kerry king v with EMG 81/85
Generic anti-feedback advice:

1) Turn the gain down
2) Turn the volume down
3) Stand further away
4) Don't stand directly in front of the speaker
5) Buy a Noise Suppression pedal
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I've done everything but buying a noise supression pedal which is what I was planning on doing. I didn't think I would have to buy a noise supression pedal for just one pedal. I assmed it would be for a few pedals. Oh well though
Make sure you're playing it on the clean channel.

Back off on the pick up volume, when I had a Black Coffee it didn't like the output from my EMGs either.
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Marshall MG + Danelectro pedal + EMGs means you're going to have some feedback. Sorry?
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Marshall MG + Danelectro pedal + EMGs means you're going to have some feedback. Sorry?

Well that's why I'm asking to fix it
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Well that's why I'm asking to fix it

get a job, work a bit, get a new amp.........burn the old 30$ pedal, buy a new pedal.


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then repeat
Yeah, I mean, with that setup you're going to be getting feedback. High-gain, low end pedals through solid-state amps from active pickups...you're going to get some serious sound impairment. Save up for a small wattage tube amp and you'll find your issues greatly reduced.
Your just not gonna have much luck with that pedal and amp combo w EMGs pushing them. There isnt gonna be a magic setting where it has the tone you want and no feedback. As you said it either has less feedback OR the right tone. You can go waste the money on a noise gate/suppressor or you can put the money toward an amp that will handle the EMGs better.
Don't bother, just save for a new amp man. The black coffee sounds like a can o bees to me.
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Not even a new amp.
New pedal to.
That danelectro series is just a really cheap sucky quality series.
I bought the black licorice pedal a long time ago and my amp sounding like a baby's scream...
My poor poor ears..
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