Hi guys,

I just finished a new song again, it's called Out of Control and it's on my myspace:


Production/instruments & vocals by me

Check it out and leave me a crit! And add me on myspace while you're there!

And of course C4C !
I think it was well done. It was well structured (me personally, I like a well structured song. Not a fan of free-form stuff). It was a good mix, and I liked the prominence of the bass.

I thought the rhythmic changes and the build in energy from verse to pre-chorus to chorus was very effective. The slower funk riff during the verse was very cool! And the classic synth use was a perfect touch of style.

I really liked the classic guitar tone used in the solo and thought the solo was well done. However, I did feel that the solo kind of "fell asleep" a little and just faded away to the incoming ambient vocals. I liked the build of the ambient vocals during the solo but I just felt maybe a bigger guitar solo climax might've worked better. Again, that's a little personal preference, but it wasn't a significant detraction.

What did you use during the verse vocals? Was that some kind of pitch shift or chorus? When I first heard it I wasn't sure if I liked it, but listening to it a couple of more times it totally grew on me. It was a very nice touch however you did it!

Feel free to give my latest a spin. Crit welcome!

This is brilliant!

The coordination between the bass and drums is so catchy and then the introduction of the guitar just gives it balls. everything is awesome and tight. Vocals hit the mark every time, with some great dual harmony. Well placed modal soloing gives it some serious tastiness. I am just seriously impressed on every level. The production quality is amazing as well, you have some serious talent when it comes to songwriting man! The tone, the structuring, the layering, it's all there. It's absolutely brilliant stuff.

Have you ever considered sending demo's out to any labels? I would definitely give it a go. You have the skills mate.

Here is my latest upload if you'd like to take a look.
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@cheapr2keepr Thanks a lot of giving my song such a thorough listen, you're right about the solo, after listening the song nonstop the last day I think the climax could be a lot bigger! In the verse vocals there are no effects, they're actually harmonies I sing myself! There is a slight sample delay (500samples to the left i think) on those harmonies that create a wide stereo effect but there's no pitching of any kind. In the chorus lead I used a choruseffect on the lead vocals, there's also a 'telephone sound' dub in there to make the hi's slice through the mix more, and also a neutral sounding harmony part. Mixing tricks I glady borrowed from listening a lot of Velvet Revolver actually!

@Hot Pants Thanks for the compliments, you're a good listener pointing out the stuff I proudly like about the song myself hehe.. I've got a good deal of contacts considering labels, bookers, etc. Also good musicians and other people that could lift this to a higher level. I've learned to know these people by projects that didn't work out too good so my first priority is to produce a solid album completely, (is dislike demo's and ep's!) when that's done, i'll form a band and go shopping!

Thanks again, and i'll give both of you guys a crit asap!
Hey there, excelent stuff!!!!! now listen to your songs on myspace, especialy like Lalala..

you got some serious songwriter talent, also the production is very tatsy.

Ik lees dat je uit den haag komt, als je even uit het raam schreeuwd kan ik je misschien horen ;-)

Thanks for the crit, sorry I'm kinda late on the return.

This song is incredibly catchy. Everything is great, the drums, the bass, the guitar, the vocals, everything. The ending solo was fantastic. The riffs and progressions are original and catchy. Mixing and production is great. I really don't hear anything wrong with this song, it's great all the way through.
I actually liked it a lot ... overall it reminded me of Velvet Revolver a lot only too see you reference them later on .. btw I was wonder what type of equipment you use for recording

btw here's mine ... yeah i kind of threw you a soft ball but others have stated what I thought better than I could have
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