Hey guys...any nice, affordable LP double cutaway "clones" out there that you can recommend me? Thanks in advance.
yes something like that. thanks. It's probably stupid to choose a guitar on its looks but...yI like the LP DC-type shape. I know I want humbuckers. And I know want to play metal. Willing to spend around $500.
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There are plenty on Ebay, give it a look.

yes thank you but since I'm a bit of a noob I really need some help...I want the best quality possible for the money I'm willing to spend. I would probably just pick something thats not very good or maybe miss a better deal.
Schecter S-1 Mahogany
It's a bit of a cross between the LP doublecut and the SG shapes, so that's all up-to-taste.

Really, that's all I can think of right now, for some reason.
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Justice4AllOne pretty much mentioned all of my ideas so yeah...pointless pun post.

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Thanks fer settin me straight on that Justice

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.