So, I think I am having a knee-jerk infatuation with the oddness of multi soundhole guitars. I first saw an Ovation in a guitar magazine and fell in love without even hearing it. When I sat down to actually play one in a music store, I found that I wasnt really listening for the things I should be. Tone, action, feel... All these things fell by the wayside as I plucked away on what felt like some awesome looking alien.

Anyway, I am finding that, even though I KNOW whats happening, I cant distance myself enough from my love affair with its appearance to truly evaluate the things that matter more [or equally, whatever.]

Anyway, three questions:

1: Buying a guitar based solely on appearance is a pretty douchey move, right?
2: Are there any non-Ovation multi soundhole guitars out there?
3: Tell it to me straight, doc: Do Ovations have really crappy tone, as I have heard some people say?

Thank ya,
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I own an ovation, it is my prized possession.

Although I did have to pay a pretty penny for it, I've come to realize how much a perfect sound is really worth.

buy that shit
Based on your location, I'm going to tell you Claudio USED to use Ovations. Now he uses Taylors

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i thought he said "talk me out of buying one"?

my $0.02 to this is that i tried one in a music shop and after playing small sized acoustics (OM, OOO etc) for a few years, everything felt wrong. however, my dads friend owns one of the higher end models, and he swears by it, though i cannot stand it.

theyre not for everyone, and by basing things solely on looks, you're heading for trouble unless you try one, to find out if its for you or not.

i don't know much about this company, but Indie guitars make a regular acoustic guitar, with multi soundholes, the links here if you want a look, but again, its probably not for everyone, and its really not the same thing as an ovation.


imho, there are much better guitars for the price, and i think you should make a point of trying one, if you're dead certain on one.

EDIT: my bad, you've already tried one, but i agree with your original post, next time you look at one, try to focus on other aspects, rather than tone etc.

hope that helped.
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Thanks everyone =] I think I might just have to sit down alot more with it till I get over the way it looks. The one I am looking at is the std Elite, and maaaybe getting the iDea preamp.
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Preston Reed plays an Ovation mainly in his shows have a look at the youtube clip below

here is the link to a you tube clip of a simply unbelievable "Ovation" player. Preston Reed I have seen him perform & met him & wow can he get it humming. His main guitar is this Ovation


personally I dont like any Ovation I have tried. But hey he can make them sound out of this world.

Also if you buy a guitar just for the looks. Well no problem I have a few I bought for how they look but that is exactly what happened to them in my case they only ever get looked at as I dont play them (one was a Fender stratacoustic piece of usless crap but looks fantastic),

The other was an ovation


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^^haha Reed could play Bach on a triangle though... And I remember reading an interview of him somewhere and he said that his Ovation was suuuper customised, he pretty much built it from the ground up or something.

BENJEDITY: Holy crap, this video is pretty amazing..
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yes he did have it custom built but he played my Maton EBG808 & it sounded just as good he was doing it to prove a point that it is him not the guitar makeing the neat sounds

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I think mines ugly as hell... but it plays beautifully and sounds even better. Its USA model though if that makes a difference?
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You know what sounds better than an unplugged Ovation? Anything.

If I wanted a guitar that only sounded decent through an amplifier, I'd get an electric. At least they don't slip off your lap.
yes im with GC Shred off , both the strat-a-usless & the ovation of mine sound great plugged in. But the fact they are trying to pass themselves off as acoustic then for me they just dont work.

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Ovations I wouldn't say are "crap" but they are more expensive than they are worth. Keep thinking about the money you are about to lay down and do some sound tests.

My plan for you: Bring a friend. Blindfold yourself. Have him/her play some stuff on other guitars. The moment you compare two guitars that are better than the ovation, then you have your reason for not getting it.
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Had them for years... love them.
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