Hi everyone-

So i have a little more than $500 to spend and im wanting a new guitar. What i have now is an Epi LP Special II, and I think it plays okay. So anyway, since I think i might want to buy a new amp to switch out from my peavey vypyr 15, should I just change the pups to Duncans or something? Because im not sure that i can get a good guitar/amp for $500
I certainly would either buy a guitar or an amp and not both with 500 dollars... Splitting the cash beween a guitar and amp would get you an entry level of both, while investing it in only one of the 2 options would get you into midrange
you have a decent amp at the moment, spend your money wisely look for a new guitar first the january sales should be a good time to look, whatever money you don't spend put it to one side and save for a new amp
Yeah your amp is good enough but your guitar is pretty junk. I'd suggest you look at buying a new guitar and not even bother changing the pickups on your current special.