Hi, I recently got a dbx 266xl compressor that I plan to run in the loop along with a graphic eq. I have a few questions, One is what should come first in the chain, the dbx or the eq? and also how to set up the compressor, I want lamb of god style compression if that makes any sense, I'm somewhat of a newb when it comes to rack units, espically compressors, BTW I'm using a 5150 halfstack. Thanks!!
I would normally place a compressor at the very end of a signal chain so i compress my overall sound, but then i only use very light compression so don't cut out a lot of signal with it. If you compress heavily then you might want your eq after your compressor to add some tone back into it after compression.

My recommendation would be to try both and see which sound you like best.
i used to use a compressor.
then i realised that i actually liked dynamic range, and now only seem to use it in a DAW.
it's still good for playing some tight funk though

anyway, i'd use the EQ after the compressor.
EQing and then compressing it all again makes it kinda pointless :S