I have recently been thinking about adding reverb to my ht-5, but would rather have it internal than a pedal. I was just wondering if there was a solid state circuit that could just be added into the circuit, a similair idea to the effects loops that you can add, if this makes sense?
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maybe he likes the amp? its not up to us to decide weather its worth while at the end of the day is it? so if anyone knows how to add reverb to his amp then they should just let him know =]
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you'll be hard pressed to find a schematic for that amp. that would be job one, really.
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I know you said you don't want to add extra stuff to the amp. But modifying it, I think would be pretty hard. I don't know if the manufacturing method would make it even harder, but do you think it's worth voiding the warranty and at worst ruining a good amp?

If it's the combo there should be space behind the speaker, so why not just get a reverb pedal, connect it through the effects loop and stick it in the back. You'll have to either get it out to change the settings, or perhaps you could do a mod where you have the reverb box connected through the effects loop and the reverb box controlled from a pedal.. if that makes sense O.o
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the first thing that comes to my mind is take apart a reverb pedal and connect it either right after the input jack or right before the send jack in the loop and have the knobs mounted somewhere on the outside of the amp.
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