I was wondering if JBL guitar speakers have a "good" sound.
I know there are many different tastes about tone and sound...

Kind of a little review will help!

I wanna know everything about JBL speakers... (its cause im thinking of buying one and I do not want to throw my money away)

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fender used jbl's back in the day quite a bit, may still use them now but w/e. jbl's were equivalent in the qualtiy hierarchy as the jensons they used(some say jbl's were a little higher on the totem pole). EV's were the top of the line and CTS, eminence under that then the oxford, utah, pyle's etc. so jenson were pretty good
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JBL makes a great speaker, and they've been used by a lot of manufacturers. You will find them more often in P.A. cabinets as their tone is very "hi-fi." They don't have a very specific character, and many people who have tried them in guitar amplifiers claim that it is nearly impossible to get a good crunch or distorted tone out of them - they are simply too crystal clear and clean.

You may decide otherwise, of course. The only way to be sure is to plug your amplifier into a cabinet with JBL speakers and see how you like it.
Depends what JBLs you're talking about, Duane Allman, Dickie Betts and Jerry Garcia are all famous for using JBL D120Fs.