Okay, so I swear the rock god's are smiling on me because I recently found and purchased a A/DA Flanger and now have the opportunity to buy an original 1979 Proco Rat. Although I don't want to drop the money if the reissue sounds the same...Mojo is cool and all but I'm all about the sound.

I currently own the newer Proco Rat 2 (with LED light on the A) and like the sound, but I heard audio samples with the Vintage Reissue and liked that better so now it's just between the original and the reissue.

Anyone have any ideas?
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used a different op amp(operational amplifier chip) in the original pedal. the op amp has much impact on the overall tone of the pedal and many people prefer the old chips in the pro cos. i have had the opportunity to play an old one but not a newer one so i can't compare, but my opinion on the one i tried was it was probably the best 'distortion' pedal i ever heard(i prefer od's or fuzz personally).

i would say it is def worth it, you can also buy new proco clones with the old op amp(small bear sells the op amp still)
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Yep, they main difference is that the older rats use the LM308. It pretty much depends on how much you're paying for this vintage rat. Its not very expensive to mod a newer rat or to just build a general guitar gadgets clone with the lm308.
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