Well "Santa" got me a M 108 MXR 10 Band Eq & Boss C-3 Compression for christmas. I love the way the C-3 sounds when you turn the the attack up and get that real nice ska feeling. But my question is, how do i work the M 108? I plug it in mess with the dials and nothing seems to happen at all. Im curious of how it works, it didnts come with a instrution manual or anything?

Also what one would i plug directly into the guitar? And what one in the amp?

One last question for you guys,
So The Compressor sounds awesome when i have the amp on clean and i plug it in. But i have written some songs that have a clean ska verse and then a distorted fast chorus. How would i hook that up because the C-3 doesnt sound as good when its plugged in and distortion is on. I have a distortion pedal, would i have to step on that one first then the C-3 in order for it too work like that. I have been playing with the distortion pedal not even plugged in.

Sorry for all the questions and wording of things, I am a beginner and lots of people on here are very smart. So please help me

Thanks, Branson
Put EQ in effects loop and EQ the tone.
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