So I'm looking at a bunch of different funky pedals to choose from. I managed to narrow it down to the bassballs, the dod fx 25b and the micro qtron.
However, I can't find the fx25b anywhere online. where can i find one of those? Also how do you guys think the 3 pedals compare?

On a side note: What bass is Brownie playing in this picture: (he's the Disco Biscuits' bassist)

and yeah if you can't tell already I'm a noob, thanks for your help.
You have to find the DOD used. They're discontinued as far as I'm aware.
I have the DOD I like it, I recommend it, its probably going to be cheaper than any of the others. I just asked a local store to order it for me and I (my parents) paid $40 for it, great deal.
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Their always on ebay.
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