I need a bit of guidance here. i have a non-locking floating trem, and if i look at it with too much force it will go out of tune. it is a cheap no-name trem and i am getting rid of it. I have been searching for a replacement trem. On guitars that have tremolos i don't use the trem a ridiculous amount. Just a dimebag squeal and a wobble or two. I have been looking at the Hipshot trem and was wondering if it was decent or if there is a better bridge out there? I will be using locking tuners if that makes a difference. thank you for your time. this is the picture of my current bridge.
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the trem is fine. everyone thinks that if a trem is bad, they have to go buy a whole brand new one (unless it's floyd rose, then i believe you do). for that all you have to do is buy some brand new saddles for it from graphtech or guitarfetish. they are about a third of the price of a trem
i have taken apart my trem and there are groves cut at the fulcrum points, the knife edge is damaged. the whole thing is made out of crappy material, i know i need a new bridge, thank you for your advice though
It still won't fix your tunning problems.

The saddles are what is important for tuning retention. Graph tech ones are slippery and let the string fall back into place were as yours make them catch.

Same issue at the nut too. Get a locking nut. It will help 50%. The saddles are the other 50%... sometimes the bridges will not recenter. There are helpers for this.

If your bridge is floating look into one of these:

It will save you money in combination with upgraded saddles and locking nut.
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i know all of that, which is why locking tuners and a graph tech nut is my choice. I have nothing but problems with my bridge, the knife edge is really, bad, it does not move smoothly, kinda grinds on the post. the sustain block is basically worthless. The entire bridge is poorly made. It HAS to be replaced. All of it, new saddles will only help a little bit right now. I posted this thread to get advice on what type of trem i should get, not if i should replace my bridge. It has to be replaced. Thank you for your advice though
I would sell the guitar and buy a new one.

That bridge will be a pain. I am sure you already know.

Screw the graph nut- get a locking one if you are serious.

Next is the bridge- You really need to post a picture of it removed so people can see the cavity you are dealing with. You may have to route it some for replacements.

Looking around at one for yours- the best one I could find was a Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo. It's a floating tremolo that uses a small control cavity. Check it out on Stew Mac. Chrome it's under $100. Black or Gold $108.74

Again we would need a control cavity picture to help more.

Good luck and let us know!
OK, now to give some half decent advice:

Wilkinson VS100 is a great trem - stays in tune with whatever I throw at it, even FR-like dives.
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i would have shown you guys a pick with the bridge removed if i hadn't just put new ernie ball coated strings on. I dont want to put a locking nut on because they are a pain, which is where locking tuners come in, i have money to spend, but my guitar has a fantastic feel, and great tone so i dont want to put out the money to get a new guitar right now, i would rather upgrade. thank you all for your advice.

I have alot of guitar center gift cards, so with that hipshot with a trem stabalizer work well?
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ahhh, well guys, after much deliberation i am going to go with a hard tail... i just dont have the patients for a floating trem, plus i have OCD when it comes to tuning. thank you all for your help, i may make another post wondering how on earth am i going to install this thing. its a hipshot hardtail bridge.