So this christmas my dad asked my what i wanted. I told him to use his imagination...

So this morning this is what i got





Yup a mandolin. i havent the slightest clue in how to play it. anybody got any songs to start me with?? but yup, did anybody else get non guitar instruments this year?
Some Goo Goo Dolls have Mandolin in it.

Also, Nickel Creek, but there mandolin stuff seems pretty difficult.
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some Zeppelin songs have mandolin in them

I was going to say this.
JPJ is a lover of the old mandolin.

Ritchie Blackmoore (Rainbow/Deep Purple) also has a fondness for it, check out Blackmoores Knight (I think that's what he's called them)

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REM - Losing My Religion. It's like THE mandolin song.
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