and in the end we play seven nation army, medley style. i didn't mention it on the title because that one must be competing with yesterday on the song with more cover versions contest. but anyway people love it so why not. check it here http://www.myspace.com/apriorirocks it's a rehearsal recording, so don't mind the poor mixing and stuff. focus on the performance please. thank you
no way
I would suggest working on the vocals and guitar parts, and then having everyone play in time. The rhythms were a bit off in places. This song is a bit tricky if you guys have just started playing together since it has some tempo changes.
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Hey man, thanks for the comment!

Anyways, first off the song has a bit slower tempo then the originial, try speeding it up a bit that will definetly make it better. The drumming definetly needs work, I can hear that he has some rythme issues during the break down part of the song. The vocals arent bad, especially towards the middle of the song, but they lacked power at the begining. You guys arent bad, but definetly need more practice. Good job nonetheless, just keep practicing and you guys are bound to improve in all aspects of music.

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