Valvetronix amps have a reputation for taking a pedal well. What pedals are you using with yours?

So far I’m just using a Big Muff with mine. It’s sounds great on the clean channels of the amp, so it’s great for jumping from clean rhythms into a fuzzy lead.
Dunlop Crybaby From Hell and MXR 10 Band EQ. Personally, for me if you have a valvetronix you HAVE to have the MXR. It's GREAT!
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also wahs work very well in my VT100, especially with the distortion. Some amps i've tried the wah made an awful mess with distortion, but not this.

Incase ur wondering i'm using a Weeping demon before my VT100 (effects loop sounds cool too)
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If you're willing to do a bit of modding, its easy to add an effects loop to the lower model valvetronix amps.
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On the Boutique Clean model, pretty much anything I have sounds great. Especially my Digitech Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion- sounds freaking awesome. Though I think I might need to invest in a compressor.

Can't say too much about any of the models above Tweed amps, though. I just have effects that are post-distortion (delay, flange, etc.), so they don't sound as clean as they could.
Some of the weirder fuzz pedals, like Devi Ever and Dwarcaft sound cool (but mainly because they are supposed to sound 'awful')

EQ pedals and a number of wah pedals, as mentioned, also work competantly.

I've heard the opposite, though, when it comes to "Valvetronix amps have a reputation for taking a pedal well" - I personally find the majority of pedals to kinda suck with the VT and older range.