I'm probably going to buy this guitar and I've found one for 2500 Australian dollars. Is this a good deal?

I like all the specs on this guitar, though the downside is I can't try it. This shouldn't matter though since I've currently been using a Squier for 3 years so anything will seem really good. Though I really like my Squier, haha.
Off Bmusic? Then yes one of the better pricing for ESP's excluding from sales and shit. And damn good deal I might add, which colour are you planning on getting it in?
I'm thinking of getting it in sunburst. Also yes, your right it is from Bmusic. Thanks for the quick response man.
Nice bro. I'm tempted to pick up the new Natural finish Horizon. Oh and Bmusic are great to deal with such good people working there and the set ups they do my god are they amazing.
Ah cool, I feel a lot better about this now. Thanks a bunch.
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