Ive been playing bass since January 2009, and Ive hit a block on my plucking speed. I've been trying to learn Even Flow by Pearl Jam and I can't pluck that fast. Does anyone have any suggestions on exercises that may help? If it helps I can only pluck with my index and middle finger, but I can gallop using my ring finger but nothing else for some reason. And please don't call me a noob or a sucky player or anything, last place I posted a question like this I was flamed by I don't know how many people and it's very discouraging.
nvm, im a moron and didnt read the faq. I found some exercises there.
Not being the most experienced bass player myself (though I've been playing for 3+ years) I'd recomend practice plucking with pointer, middle and ring fingers. Better players than myself even use their pinkies, but I only use that for popping. Just practice scales with those three fingers so you can improve your ability to jump to different strings. Try putting in twenty or so minutes a day. Worked for me anyway. Ultimately, you just got to practice at it. Keep on rockin' my fellow bassist!
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I find developing a lighter touch on the strings than normal helps somewhat. Not enough to decrease the volume but enough that you're not actually 'plucking' but brushing them.
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If you want to boost your speed - plucking or fretting - the best thing you can do is get a metronome and use it. Pick an exercise or a piece from a song and start at slow speed. Play it over and over for a few minutes, and then increase the metronome speed. Keep doing this until you reach a point beyond which you cannot go. You will be amazed at how well and how quickly this will increase your playing speed. Don't worry if you get frustrated. Stick with it and it will work.
if you want some REAL finger speed/strength, try out the Alex Webster 3 finger walk technique.

he explains it near the mid-end of this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-9CiS6NV2o
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