hi, i am looking to buy an maxon overdrive pedal but am unsure which one, i am looking to boost my 6505+ lead channel to get a tighter metal sound, i am looking at the Maxon OD-9 and the OD-9 plus, could someone tell me which one would be better to boost with?i am unable to demo either pedal as its to far away
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Haven't tried the OD-9, but the 808 kicks ass. I happen to use an MXR GT-OD myself for the same purpose, and it's a pretty damn underrated pedal IMHO.
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For the 5150, which has tons of gain already, try a lower gain od pedal.
I used to run a Turbo Tubescreamer in front of my 5150's gain at 3-4 and the tubescreamer at mild overdrive------got insane saturation! U will need a noise gate between the OD and 5150.
The OD9 Pro+ can be used as just a clean boost.
I'm not into metal BUT I use it as a boost going into my Tweed amps for blues.

"Starting with the basic OD-9 circuit, Maxon improved the dynamic range of the OD-9 Pro+ by replacing the output stage transistor with a low-noise NEC uPC4570 OP-Amp. This substitution allows for less compression than the OD-9, providing a more balanced response from low to high ranges without emphasizing the mids like the OD-9 does. Output level is also +6dB higher than the OD9, so that the Pro+ effectively sounds twice as loud to your ears. In addition, this component change also offers a true undistorted signal when the Drive control is set at zero, allowing the Pro+ to be used as a clean booster as well as an overdrive."