I know alot of bands from the sixties like:


im looking for more bands along the jefferson airplane, janis joplin, type of psychedelic rock thats not all mainstream stuff. idk... haha.

The Velvet Underground. Anything by them is great.
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Buy the 'Love is the song we sing: San Francisco Nuggets' box set. 4 cd's of psychedelic gems.
...marmalade is my jam.
The Residents

Fuck yeah

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Some of Hot Tuna's stuff is psychedelic. It features Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy from Jefferson Airplane
YES did their first album in 69.

Actually i just looked it up, recorded in 69, released in 70....oh well.
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One of my big favourites from that era is The Small Faces (for which Itchycoo Park is their biggest hit). I also love anything from The Move. Their best songs were I Can Hear The Grass Grow and Flowers In The Rain.
The Gods. Hard to find their stuff and only the eponymous album is worth the effort, but they morphed into Uriah Heep.
Marmalade. Singles were terribly pop but good band live so worth checking albums.
Spooky Tooth. Good bluesy stuff
Hawkwind. Classic space-rock
The Who
If you want more, google Marquee Club and you should find pages of their band lists by month.
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Pink Floyd
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