What are the best Jazz III, in your opinion?

I'm ordering a Guitar Rig Mobile from music123 for like $100AUD cheaper and i'm gunna throw in some picks. I use an Ibanez pick at the moment and i'd say it's bout medium-hard flexibility (if that makes sense)

So what would be the best for me?
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The Max Grip Jazz IIIs are my personal favorite.
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i use the red shiny ones.

however, they are a bit small for my large hands/fingers. i may consider getting the jumbo versions. but i still love the ones i have right now. =D

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I use the regular red ones, but I got some Eric Johnson ones today and they seem to be the same.
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I have fairly large hands if that helps haha, i was looking at the Eric Johnson ones.. not sure.
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I like the red ones, whatever they are. I just bought a bunch but someone had mixed in some jazzIIs with them and I didn't notice, but I actually prefer the jazzII for a lot of things, the softer attack is nice and I can play just as fast and accurate with them, they work better for strumming and funky stuff, but I need JazzIIIs for shredding.
I use Jazz III stiffos (the black ones) for rythmn, and the Ultex ones for lead. Can't really give a reason why... they just feel right that way.

EDIT: actually, 'cause you stated the "hardness" of your current picks, I'll give some reason. The Black stiffo have a very teensy bit of flex that just feels good (for me at least) for chugging rythmn metalcore/hardcore/post-hardcore style. The Ultex ones feel stiffer and they seem to stick to my fingers better, and so they feel better for playing fast leads. It also has a sort of rough finish that gives a little character... until it wears down that is. That's my take on them.
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Ultex Jazz IIIs, IMO, are the best. They're grippy, but the only downside is that they're translucent yellow, so if you drop one you're fucked.
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