Hi, I plan on purchasing an EMG set for my guitar, and I had planed on buying the 81/85 set (I own a couple of 81s on one of my guitars so I know I already want them) but I just heard about the EMG 81/85 X models and im not sure if I should get them instead?

My playing style is a technical/Brutal Death Metal style tuned to B Standard aka heavy distortion. Now, what are the differences between the regular EMGs and the X's and which one would be better for what I need? Thanks guys
I believe they use the same magnets and coils as the non-X version and the only difference is the preamp. I've never done a direct comparison in the same guitar, but they sound somewhat more open and less compressed to me. Sort of the same results as the 18v mod, but without having to use two batteries. Not sure if that would be good for "Brutal Death Metal" or not, but it might not be. I could see the very compressed sound of the old 81s being better for that application. The 81Xs are definitely good for general purpose rock and metal stuff though.
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hmmm..well you see thats why im glad I asked. I guess ill just play it safe and just get the normal set since I already know how they sound. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing out on something "better". But I certainly dont want it taking away from my tone in that aspect.
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probably just the same shit with a differnet name for more money.

Except they're roughly same price, and there'd be no reason to keep the old version on the market if it was a cash grab.
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hope this helps u choose......srry if u all ready looked at this
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EMG X > Blackouts > EMG 81/85

Well I was gonna change my 81 to EMG X 81 but they didn't have it. Then went for blackouts but they sold in sets (which I onli need the bridge) and also didn't get it. Finally decided to install a EMG PA2 instead. Definately more worth it than changin the pickups