I have an ESP LTD Viper 400 guitar with D'Addario Light Jazz strings on it right now, and it's generally tuned to E standard. I usually play rock/hard rock, and very much enjoy playing lead. I've been playing guitar for a few years, though I haven't quite mastered picking out sets of strings yet, and am having a hard time finding the right strings for me. Listed below are the gauge of the strings currently on it, and below that, are a few various questions I have.

E .012
B .016
G .024
D .032
A .042
E .052

I love the sound and feel of the bottom three strings, (E, A, and D) but, the upper three strings (G, B, and E) are a little bit too thick for my taste, making it near impossible to bend and do all that fun lead stuff. Would it be possible to keep using the same gauge on the bottom three strings, while using the top three from a set of 10's or 11's? Would the change in tension warp, twist, or ruin the neck? If it is possible, and safe, what adjustments would I have to make? If theres an easier way, feel free to point it out to me!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. All comments, tips, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Keep on Rockin'!
go buy some 10-52 i recommend earnie ball.
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yes you can mix them, i do all the time.
However, try some GFS thin thick/heavy lows (forget what there called)
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As Husky siad, Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy bottom strings seems to be what you're looking for- they go 10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52, so they sound right up your alley.

And its cheaper than buying two sets and mixing, so thats a plus.
D'addario have a set of light tops heavy bottoms as well, in case you want to stick with them:
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I usually get a pack of D'addario seven strings and us the bottom and top three strings for my Hellraiser Deluxe.
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