So, sometime during January I'll be ordering a new guitar. I had a budget of around $400 USD, and was planning on purchasing a Schecter Damien-7. The next guitar I'm getting is definitely a 7-string, but over Christmas I accumulated about 150 bucks cash.

So the question is, should I go for a higher-end guitar?
The Damien-7 is around $450 USD, new (From Musician's Friend, etc..)
And with the added cash, I can say I now have a budget of around $550-possibly $600.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or should I stick with the Damien-7?
I've been checking that out for around a month, the passive EMG's are adequate for my playing styles (Mostly metal, drop tunings and such, heavy distortion)

Over Christmas I also got a Roland Cube 30X, so I'll obviously be playing through that, with a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal occasionally.

I'm just wondering if maybe I should go for something else. Any help would be great.
I'll sell you my Ibanez 7 string gio with seymour duncan bridge pickup for $200. PM me if your interested at all
Anything specific?
And metal, I noticed you have a Damien-6. Do you like it? From my experience with the 6 and 7 string versions it's pretty great (in my personal opinion) but it's nice to have advice from someone who actually owns it.
Quote by MetalGuitarest
have you considered agile?

I second this, if you save up a little more you can get a beautiful 7 string agile.

But in all honesty you should go to a local guitar store and check out what they have to see if you like it. Because, like my uncle says, when it comes to guitars you should judge them like you judge your women. They have to look good , sound good, and most importantly feel good!

Good luck!
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There really versatile from what ive heard.
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